The Society

The Hans-Georg Gadamer Society for Hermeneutic Philosophy is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of scholarship and research. The Society was founded on 2 October 2021 and is headquartered in the Philosophy Department at Heidelberg University. The Society’s activities support scholarly engagement with the works of Hans-Georg Gadamer, the founder of philosophical hermeneutics in the 20th century. These include editorial tasks, promotion in the public sphere, and scholarly contributions to Gadamer’s philosophy and its international reception.

The Gadamer Society carries out its mission in various formats and funding modals. It organizes scholarly conferences and lecture series as well as seminars and summer academies. It also publishes conference proceedings and offers financial support and consultation for projects related to Gadamer’s thought, including in the form of grants for young scholars conducting research on Gadamer’s published work or his unpublished papers housed at the German Literature Archive Marbach and in small part at Heidelberg University Archives. Finally, the Society awards the Gadamer Prize for exceptional achievement in the fields of philosophical hermeneutics and hermeneutics in the humanities.