Gadamer Prize

Charles Larmore – Prizewinner for the Year 2022

The Hans-Georg Gadamer Society for Hermeneutic Philosophy has bestowed the first of its Gadamer Prizes, in the amount of 5,000 Euro, to Professor Charles Larmore, Ph.D. (Brown University, USA). With this gesture, the society wishes to honor a world-class philosopher who has made milestone contributions to moral philosophy and political theory, most especially to the theory of political liberalism as well as to the essence of freedom and human rationality. Larmore’s far-reaching work displays argumentative precision, historical erudition, and a sensibility for diagnosing the signs of the times, all of which can be called hermeneutic in the best sense of the word. Larmore draws on Gadamer’s hermeneutics in an independent as well as philosophically relevant manner, not the least in his writings on the philosophy of conversation and the ethics of reading.